How to Draw Funny Cartoon Faces

How to Draw Funny Faces Book CoverThis book is a great 'How to Draw' book for children and teenagers aged 5 to 14 years old and older. Also for learner adults. It uses simple ideas and concepts to teach how to progress from copying ideas to creating your own cartoon characters.

They include step by step instructions, ideas to try and mix up what is taught and feature charts for the learner to experiment making up their own characters. Even for those adults wanting to explore the art of cartooning this book is ideal. It's focus is taking simple drawing skills and building on them to create great cartoon images.
Cartoonist Phil Judd has taught over 850 workshops to all ages (especially younger ages 5 to 10), with great success, and uses all the methods from his workshops to teach you through his book. This book is a part of an ongoing series of affordable comic book style 'How to Draw' books.

Format Details: Softcover Comic Book Style Format.
                          28 Pages/ Black and White Interior
                          Size: Width: 17cm x Length 26cm

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