Branding Images

Branding is the marketing practice by an organization of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product or service from other products or services. The foundation of Branding is a Logo. Branding Images is another visual way of building on this foundation. The purpose of Branding is to attract and retain loyal customers for a product or service in the marketplace.

Using Cartoon images for Branding has the added advantage of entertainment for the audience through fun and humour. This in turn brings the audience closer to a Brand making it less formal and more approachable.

Images can be part of the Brand storytelling.

Usage of Cartoons as Branding Images is particularly effective when it comes to internet promotions and social media usage.
Images are particularly unique in the world of the web with the potential to go viral and capture an audience who follow or attach to a particular Brand.

The use of Cartoon Images increases your ability to capture an audience you may not normally be able to reach through conventional advertising and Brand building. The cartoon image may become part of the audience’s conversation and this in turn will stimulate conversation about your product or service.

Using Cartoon images for Branding may include:

  1. Creating a Brand Mascot. This a recurring character (not a logo) that is associated with your products or services. The character may be used as a stand-alone figure or in a cartoon. It depends on how you wish to use the Branding Mascot for a particular outcome.
  2. Stand Alone Cartoon Image: This is a unique cartoon picture or illustration that represents a particular product or service.
  3. An Advertising Cartoon. This can be a single panel cartoon or comic strip specifically focused on an aspect of your campaign, promotion, training or services. An ongoing series of cartoons can build a loyal audience with greater depth and reach than any advertising campaign.
  4. Animation. A simple animation can be used to present an idea or image to your audience. It can have sound and music or be silent. The content can be an actual cartoon idea or simply symbolic.


Uses of Branding Images:

  1. Social Media
  2. Blogs and News Pages
  3. Specific Pages on your Website (helps keep traffic coming back to a specific target area)
  4. Web Banners
  5. Print Advertising
  6. In-house Training: Printed material or audio visual presentation.
  7. Lectures and Seminars: Visual Presentation.
  8. Promotional Merchandising
  9. Media Campaigns: Television and Radio


It has been proven that the use of picture symbols creates a greater visual memory capacity for the viewer than the use of text alone. It has also been proven that the use of humour enhances the ability for people to learn and retain information.


Human minds understand images better than text. Using images to communicate and transmit ideas has been increased by use of social media within business and advertising. Branding Cartoons bring an element of fun and humour for the audience. This in turn brings the audience closer to your brand making it less formal and more approachable.


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