mascot cartoonsA Mascot is a character used in an organization to sell an idea, concept or process in a fun and interesting visual way. Mascots are a great way to communicate information as they are a visual hook for your audience. It has been proven that visual memory through the use of symbols has a far greater capacity than the use of text alone.

The Mascot character could be purely symbolic or personalized to reach it’s target audience. The personalization of the Mascot means that the audience identifies with the Mascot because they see themselves in the character. The outcome of this identification is greater recall of important information as well as personal motivation to act on this information.

The Mascot character can be a person, animal or an inanimate object and may be used in either of two ways:

  1. The same Mascot character may be used across different areas with the option of adding props or clothing to the character to represent each area.
  2. Different Mascot characters may be used to represent different areas.

Difference between Mascot and Logo

Logo – This is a fixed image used to promote and sell a business. It is included in all promotional material and becomes the visual connection with a business for a client or customer.

Mascot – This is a changeable personalized character within an organization and is not used to sell the organization itself.


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