Cartoon Mind Maps

Cartoon Mind Maps are a relatively new idea in the corporate area, but Word Mind Maps have been around for decades as a demonstration or education tool. Cartoon Mind Maps can be used for conferences, presentations, seminars, meetings, AGM’S, lectures, classes, brainstorming sessions and many other live events.  

A Cartoon Mind Map is a picture map or diagram and is a great tool for presenting complex ideas, work processes or historical timelines to an audience.

A Cartoon Mind Map can be:

  1. Drawn live so the target audience see it being created from beginning to end.
  2. Pre-created as a book or poster.
  3. An animation unfolding step by step on a screen.


It has been proven that the use of picture symbols creates a greater visual memory capacity for the viewer than the use of text alone. It has also been proven that the use of humour enhances the ability for people to learn and retain information.

Therefore the combination of picture symbol and humour found in Cartooning is highly effective as a means of communicating information to the audience. This is particularly significant for dealing with complex or challenging information that needs to be presented.


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