Artwork Categories - Comic Logos

log00051. Comic Logos can be a great logo for a new business. They are eye catching, entertaining and memorable.

2. Comic Logos can be a great way of Brand building for business. The cartoon characters or image become eye catching amongst other more symbol based logos. They are quickly identifiable by the client and the lighter approach tends to make people see a business in a more positive light.

3. Comic Logos can help capture the character of a business and its approach to its services. The character used can create a point of contact and connection by the viewers to the business. Clients feel they know the character and therefore the business. A character can become a real connection point for customers. This can lead to a real commitment and loyalty to the business.log0011
4. Comic Logos can identify a key character with the business and it's services. That character can then be reused in different poses and actions on promotional, educational or information material created by the business.

5. Comic Logos can be used symbolically to represent the business.