22 Panels Exhibition



 Phil has been asked to be part of a wonderful exhibition put on by cartoonist Tim McEwen with all artwork provided by members of the Australian Cartoonists Association. It includes a lot of current legendary Australian cartoonists within the comic and cartooning field.

It is based on the ideas of the famous comic book artist Wallace Wood, which includes 22 panel designs he suggested to assistants to use within their story layout. Each artist is assigned one panel design to use and base their own work on.

Make sure to check it out while it is on at the wonderful Kinokuniya book stores.

'An exhibition by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association showing 22 original works inspired by the legendary cheat sheet "Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work". Proudly presented by Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

Featuring the work of 22 of Australia's best comics creators and cartoonists: David Blumenstein, Jason Chatfield, Christopher Downes, Anton Emdin, Dave Emerson, Jules Faber, Rob Feldman, First Dog On Moon, Sarah Firth, Roger Fletcher, David Follett, Hayden Fryer, Phil Judd, Frantz Kantor, Glen Le Lievre, Glenn Lumsden, Tim McEwen, Bruce Mutard, Dean Rankine, Ian C Thomas, Daniel Tribe and Cathy Wilcox.

The Exhibition opens on Thursday evening 30th October and runs until Saturday 16th November.

There will be an art book/catalogue documenting the works for sale. Also, some of the original pieces will be available to buy.'