Live Cartooning

livecartooning slide Live cartooning is the graphic recording of an event or presentation in the present moment, using humour and cartoon drawing.

Uses for live cartooning

  • Presenting Information - Cartoon images created during a speech or spoken presentation can be used to help the audience visualise and remember the material being presented by underlining certain points made or subjects discussed. This may include heading text, messages or statistic figures in the diagram.
  • Pure Entertainment - Cartoon images or a scene created in the background during an event not directly associated with any speech or presentation, which contributes in an entertaining way to the event's theme and makes it memorable for participants.
  • Mind Mapping - Live drawing of a Mind Map – see below for more information.

Process steps

a. We discuss the event or presentation and the information or theme the client wants conveyed through live cartooning.

b. Once the main themes or scene is identified we go through a process of drawing roughs of the images until we arrive at what the client wants.

Required materials

Live cartooning can work a couple of different ways. It will depend on the size of the room, the number of people and the facilities available at the location.

a. Small room: whiteboard markers and a whiteboard.

b. Medium room: a large white board and perhaps a camera focused on the board to display it on a bigger screen.

c. Large room: a computer using a drawing tablet (Wacom’s are most commonly used) to be projected up on a big screen.

Final image

After the event a more polished finished image, with colour if desired, can be
created (as part of a package or a separate fee later) to be framed and used as an ongoing educational tool or a souvenir of the event.


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