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I think the logo looks sensational and I know they are really happy with it. I will definitely give you a call when we have some more cartoon jobs!

Kate Innes - Art Director for Hello Marketing

Wow, that was quick! I love the process of taking it from a simple sketch, adding in elements each time and making it look great.

Leilania Ryder - Graphic Artist for Hello Marketing (Advertising Agency)

Hi Phil, I just wanted to say thankyou and let you know how impressed I was with all your efforts on the animated ad. As I was working on it I couldn't help but marvel at how quickly you picked up what is a very complex and counter-intuitive process in it's early stages of  understanding, and what a nightmare it must have been to block out a very elaborate ad, we really threw you in the deep end! I gave one of my other projects (the goose) to a mate who is a real gun flash animator and very computer savvy to work over, he took one look at it and backed out of the deal, so you must be made of firmer stuff!
I know the project was all storyboarded (such as it was) but your selection of cut points for scenes and a lot of the timings were perfect, I didn't touch any of the scene breaks, and it flows beatifully for such heavily visually loaded ad.

Darren Roach - Independent Commercial Animator/Graphic Artist. Animation job for Australian Liberal Party via Radium Advertising

Thanks for your great work!

Sue Waterson - Graphic Artist, Max Gecko Advertising

Thanks again for the work you've done for us. The live cartooning was a hit with staff on the day, and I think getting the image will be a great piece of memorabilia for us moving forward.

Rebecca McConochie - Corporate Relations Manager Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited (BAC)


BWH Communication engaged Comic Express on behalf of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) to provide an illustration that would bring to life the changes that have occurred at the airport over the past 12 years.  As part of a presentation by the CEO to staff, the illustration was designed to take the place of otherwise copy heavy and uninspiring powerpoint slides.
Comic Express was a real find for us.  We had an idea of what we were seeking but the Comic Express team took a rough concept and turned it into a journey in pictures that achieved the right balance between humour, entertainment and facts.

While Comic Express was able to capture our thoughts in carefully crafted illustrations, the most amazing part of the project was that Phil Judd drew the illustration in front of a crowd of close to 200 people at the same time that the CEO was delivering her speech.

It turned a speech into an event.

Careful planning, an eye for timing and a steady hand were just some of the terrific services Comic Express provided.  The team interpreted our brief to perfection and delivered a very high quality product at breathtaking speed.

We’d like to thank Comic Express for their outstanding work.  We could not recommend them highly enough to those seeking creativity, a flare for out of the box thinking and thorough planning and organisation.


Robyn Willey - Client Director for BWH Communication.

Phil, thanks so much for everything, I must admit that we are very lucky to be engaging you for this work as you have done such amazing work for us and the bus is still the talk of the town.

Angie Tye - (Multi-National Mining Corporation)

I used Phil Judd from Comic Express for one of our biggest event functions. We used him to illustrate the concept of the business in a comical way and it was very well received by the audience.  Phil was great to deal with; he attended to all my queries with patience and in a timely manner.  I was given the chance to review the draft and make changes where I saw fit.  Phil seems to have lots of experience and I sometimes find that he can read my mind and know exactly what I want.  The final products were just immaculate, it was the talk of the town until now.  Phil's work ethic is second to none and I was so glad that I was dealing with him.

Angie Tye - (Multi-National Mining Corporation)

Thanks for the great job you are doing on what must be a "left field" subject compared to much of your past work. I really look forward to seeing the finished product - was amazed by what a difference just adding the logos in colour made to the life of the images.

Heartfelt thanks from the owner for the great job that you both have done with the images, etc and turning a fairly basic brief into something that you both can be proud of, and we can just look at and say, "Wow, is that really us?

Greg Keane - Mobile Conveying Services.

Timber Queensland has chosen Comic Express to produce cartoons for our Christmas Card for the past two years.  We had a basic message that we wanted to communicate and each time Comic Express has hit the nail on the head for a realistic price.  The feedback we have received regarding the cards confirms that they have met their communication goals and stand out from the rest.

Clarissa Brandt - Communications Manager, Timber Queensland

Phillip – you are a genius – I was laughing out loud as I opened each cartoon! We can definitely do something together! I am very glad we crossed paths and I look forward to meeting again soon to talk about something for us both.

Terri Cooper - Real Estate Educator

Thanks Phil. That looks great and the clients are very happy with the final result. Cheers Carol.

Carol Lobo - Owner Pakka Advertising (Cartoon Logo for weba and print)

Thank you for all your great work for the lessons and classroom activity material. Your flexibility with the process was wonderful! Lovely work. I’m really pleased you enjoyed it!

Bobbie Moynihan - Illustrator for Advisory and Development Services, eLearning Branch Department of Education and Training