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I have been reviewing my year and going over what worked well and what needs to change and it became obvious that I should send through acknowledgement of how well your cartooning services integrated into my custom designed national training programs for Mortgage Choice.

I really appreciated the collaborative approach and flexibility you provided. I truly believe that we were able to deliver a fantastic end result to my client due to your creative skills and willingness to dynamically adjust as the concepts evolved.

You can be proud of the fact that the program you directly contributed to was recognised as the best custom-designed sales training program in Australia earlier this year! This was voted on by the Fellows at the Institute for Learning Practitioners in the National Learning Impact Awards! These awards not only look at the design elements but the actual results that the end client receives so you know your contribution made a very real difference to a national publicly listed organisation!

Feel free to use elements of the training materials as part of your portfolio and I would be happy to provide a verbal reference to anyone considering engaging your services. I know that I certainly will do so again.

Craig Leaney - Sales Team Development

Thanks for the great job you are doing on what must be a "left field" subject compared to much of your past work. I really look forward to seeing the finished product - was amazed by what a difference just adding the logos in colour made to the life of the images.

Heartfelt thanks from the owner for the great job that you both have done with the images, etc and turning a fairly basic brief into something that you both can be proud of, and we can just look at and say, "Wow, is that really us?

Greg Keane - Mobile Conveying Services.

Timber Queensland has chosen Comic Express to produce cartoons for our Christmas Card for the past two years.  We had a basic message that we wanted to communicate and each time Comic Express has hit the nail on the head for a realistic price.  The feedback we have received regarding the cards confirms that they have met their communication goals and stand out from the rest.

Clarissa Brandt - Communications Manager, Timber Queensland

Phillip – you are a genius – I was laughing out loud as I opened each cartoon! We can definitely do something together! I am very glad we crossed paths and I look forward to meeting again soon to talk about something for us both.

Terri Cooper - Real Estate Educator

Thanks Phil. That looks great and the clients are very happy with the final result. Cheers Carol.

Carol Lobo - Owner Pakka Advertising (Cartoon Logo for weba and print)