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In December 2012 I was contracted by Lisa Herbert for the graphic design and layout of her book project ‘The Bottom Drawer Book’. Working on the production of this book has provided me with the wonderful opportunity of collaborating with other creative souls such as Phillip Judd from Comic Express.
Phillip provided the illustrations for ‘The Bottom Drawer Book’ and is a true professional in his field. Phillip provided valuable input toward provision of press ready artwork and developing a colour palette suitable for the look and feel of the book, providing a seamless flow throughout this project with the supply of illustrations, at all times responding quickly to any changes or requests from both Lisa and myself.
It has been a real priviledge to work with Phillip and I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Wendy James - Director Black Jam Graphic Design Studios

Phil has been my colourist on Ginger Meggs since 2009. I can't talk highly enough of his instincts for colour. A good colourist is the difference that distinguishes a professional looking cartoon.

Jason Chatfield - Cartoonist for Ginger Meggs Comic Strip

I think the logo looks sensational and I know they are really happy with it. I will definitely give you a call when we have some more cartoon jobs!

Kate Innes - Art Director for Hello Marketing

Wow, that was quick! I love the process of taking it from a simple sketch, adding in elements each time and making it look great.

Leilania Ryder - Graphic Artist for Hello Marketing (Advertising Agency)

Hi Phil, I just wanted to say thankyou and let you know how impressed I was with all your efforts on the animated ad. As I was working on it I couldn't help but marvel at how quickly you picked up what is a very complex and counter-intuitive process in it's early stages of  understanding, and what a nightmare it must have been to block out a very elaborate ad, we really threw you in the deep end! I gave one of my other projects (the goose) to a mate who is a real gun flash animator and very computer savvy to work over, he took one look at it and backed out of the deal, so you must be made of firmer stuff!
I know the project was all storyboarded (such as it was) but your selection of cut points for scenes and a lot of the timings were perfect, I didn't touch any of the scene breaks, and it flows beatifully for such heavily visually loaded ad.

Darren Roach - Independent Commercial Animator/Graphic Artist. Animation job for Australian Liberal Party via Radium Advertising

Thanks for your great work!

Sue Waterson - Graphic Artist, Max Gecko Advertising